ATC, Precision products for life critical applications since 1951.

Precision products for life critical applications since 1951

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Quality Assurance

ATC are regulated to ISO 13485 and are also registered with and inspected by the FDA in the US.

FDA registration number is 10042532.

ISO Certificates

Quality Assurance: ISO13485:2021click to view

“Accuracy and Control are at the heart of everything we do”

Typically ATC products are measured to micron-accuracy and process-control is measured to parts/million accuracy even though many products do not need this level of control and product runs are generally between 30 and 1000.

ATC have a large investment in measuring equipment to ensure that products are inspected correctly. These results are kept on file at ATC, however we are happy to supply this information if requested. We also offer a summary sheet of inspection results showing all the results we found in process as the products were made. This summary sheet can reduce or eliminate goods inwards inspection as and when required.

Contact and Non-Contact Measuring Equipment

Tesa Scan 50

Tesa Scan

Non-contact profile inspection for products such as neurological instruments and bone screws

Vision Engineering Swift

Vision Engineering Swift

Non-contact profile inspection of prismatic parts such as orthopaedic plates

OGP Smartscope

OGP Smartscope

Non-contact profile inspection of prismatic parts with form measurement software



Contact Scan coordinate measuring machine. Accuracy typically 3 X greater than a normal touch trigger CMM. Includes latest Renishaw Modus software.

In addition ATC have a full range of product-specific gauges and equipment.

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