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Precision products for life critical applications since 1951

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ATC are always seeking high quality individuals to join our team. Whilst skills are important in a number of areas we look for three features in recruitment and in order of importance they are:-

  1. Attitude: Do you have a work-hard-play-hard mentality with a wish to do whatever it takes within legal and moral guidelines to complete the job as quick as possible?
  2. Chemistry: Do we like you and do you like us? Are you a person who makes relationships easily and who is at ease with themselves and others?
  3. Skills: Do your skills match the requirements of our job description? If there are some missing, do you envisage being able to acquire those skills reasonably quickly within our environment?

We will look to recruit along these lines. We are happy to recruit people without all the necessary skills we will need if the applicant has an attitude to acquire these skills. We will look to support these efforts with internal or if necessary external training to help people achieve their intended potential.

The future jobs will be will require more knowledge of automation giving more control and accuracy of Output, Quality and Communication across our customers, suppliers and staff. ATC has a bespoke training and development plan that is developing our people to be able to embrace the future and all the opportunities that are coming.