ATC, Precision products for life critical applications since 1951.

Precision products for life critical applications since 1951

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Companies that make components and assemblies to such high tolerances and finishes in high volumes are not common around the world and ATC does stand out amongst its competitors. However there are some Products that ATC manufacture that can be truly described as world-class.

These include:

  • High accuracy gun drilled components manufactured complete with bore concentricity tolerances of  0.05 mm (0.002 inches) over a length of 180 cms (7 ½ inches) on a bore size of 1.5 mm (0.044 inches).
  • Spinal components with a variety of difficult features such as tapered bone threads, gun drilling, rolled threads, cross holes and area-specific blasting and titanium anodising.
  • High finish components in 316 LVM implant grade stainless steel with super-polished finishes. Small to larger cobalt chrome components with very tight tolerances including perfect hexagon driver features with perfect corners in place.
  • Investment in specialist equipment to manufacture volume components made to the quickest possible cycle times in a process-controlled environment to give customers an unmatched competitive advantage.

cranium drill

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